A new, more interactive way to watch television



MIO TV is the official app from Mediaset España that allows you to interact with your television in a new, unusual way. You can contact programs, watch delayed videos, and even win prizes.

During the commercial breaks of the channels owned by Mediaset España, you will see a symbol that is identical to the one that you see at the bottom of the MIO TV app. If you tap on that symbol at the exact time that it appears on the television screen, you will earn points. And you can buy all kinds of gifts with those points.

In addition to this interesting feature that allows you to earn physical gifts, MIO TV has a lot of other uses. You can watch videos from different programs, including the goals made in different soccer games (for example, the world cup games).

MIO TV is the ideal app for those who frequently watch television and want to take that experience to a new level. The expression 'the television of the future' has rarely made as much sense as it does when used to describe this app.